FingerBang Drum Machine for Android


Welcome to the official website for FingerBang Drum Machine & Sample Player!

FingerBang is a free, yet advanced drum machine and sample player for the Android platform.

FingerBang is designed to help you play complex beats with very little finger movment. Featuring a flexible 16 step, step sequencer, the ability to chain together trigger pads, a volume mixer and much more!

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20 Trigger Pads - Boasting 20 ultra low-latency trigger pads arranged in a border-less 4x5 grid that works well on all screen sizes!

Trigger Chaining - Link triggers together in chains and play multiple samples in perfect synchronization with one trigger press. Use the 'CHN' Quicklink for quick access to the chain editor.

Trigger Sequencing - Use the step sequencer to create sequences up to 16 steps long and play them back with the press of a single trigger! Use the 'SEQ' Quicklink for easy access to the sequence editor and the 'SEQR' Quicklink to reset the sequence position while playing.

Trigger Chaining and Sequencing Presets - Choose one of the factory presets or create your own for later use.

Free Sample Banks - Choose a factory kit from a variety of genres such as trance, hip-hop and trap. Right hand kick versions of each kit are available. New free kits are added regularly.

"Jam Kit" kit Variations - Jam with your friends on the same device by loading a Jam Kit!

Custom Kit Creator - Import your own high quality samples and create your own custom kits!

Trigger Behaviour - Easily set various trigger modes with the Trigger Behaviour Editor.

Trigger Volume Mixer - Adjust the volume of samples using the Trigger Volume Mixer.

Statistics - View your most used triggers and gain insights into the way you play.

Performance Options - Multiple performance options to help ensure FingerBang runs well on all devices.

Designed For Live Performances - Every function of FingerBang is live performance friendly. Simply mute notifications from other apps and you are ready to perform interruption free!

Help & Support - Help dialogs are included in the menus of each feature and any further questions are welcomed via eMail or Twitter.

Pro Perks Package (Premium Feature) - The Pro Perks package removes all in-app advertising, makes the triggers larger, adds a "Pro" badge to the app title and gives package owners access to extra settings. You can read more about the package here.

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