FingerBang Drum Machine for Android


Version 1.3.17

Triggers are no disabled until samples have loaded to prevent a possible crash.
The Kit Manager now only displays the delete button for kits that you have downloaded.
Synth Kits now show the note name instead of the trigger name.

New Kits

- CookiesNoCream
- ElectricFence
- Sultans

New Synths

- Synth 6
- Synth 7
- Synth 8
- Synth 9
- Synth 10
- Synth 11

Version 1.2.17

'Do Not Disturb' mode is now disabled by default.
New kits:
- BeansOnToast
- TradeWinds
New Synths:
- Synth 1
- Synth 2
- Synth 3
- Synth 4
- Synth 5

Version 1.2.10

Added a new free kit - "FurtureChill".
Bug fixes.

Version 1.2.9

Added animations to inactive chain and sequence triggers.
Optimised the Trigger Behaviour system.
The app version number is now hidden by default.
Added a 'streamer mode' that hides the app title. (Pro Perks Package)
Added visual feedback to indicate samples are loading.
'SEQR' can now also reload samples.
Now sets 'Do Not Disturb' mode by default.
Optimised sample loading.
Removed mp3 samples from the APK.
Added trigger animations for startup.
Added trigger animation for SEQR quicklink press.
Help and Community link now points to the website.
Removed themes.
Removed hotkeys.
Reduced APK size. Kits now need to be downloaded before they can be used. Downloaded kits can be deleted from the Kit Manager.

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